Helping clients take practical and constructive steps towards securing their information and improving their business.

What We're Good At

Driving practical and realistic progress

Helping our clients take concrete, practical and realistic steps, sometimes their first, and progress from “I should…” towards improving their security posture and driving their journey towards effective information security management.

Making sense of compliance and regulations

Advising on and making sense of compliance and regulatory requirements affecting our client’s business.

Creating structured and repeatable frameworks

Defining, developing and implementing practical and achievable security management frameworks tailored to the context and needs of our client’s business.

Cultivating shared ownership

Helping our clients to cultivate a security-aware culture, bringing every stakeholder into play to support information security objectives.

Releasing board time and focus

Offering sound strategic guidance on security aspects of our client’s business, allowing board members to focus on their own areas of expertise.

Building confidence and trust

Leveraging a strong network of contacts and practitioners to ensure that every aspect of security management can be addressed, moving from strategy and implementation towards assurance and ongoing maintenance, and absorbing those inputs in to a single coherent workflow.

Providing Subject Matter Expertise for bids and proposals

Assisting clients with managing and addressing security aspects of external bids and proposals, thus reducing business risk and exposure.

Improving process

Leveraging over 25 years of industry experience to help clients to assess, deconstruct and reassemble business workflows, procedures and practices to better support business objectives.

We are currently working with clients to:

“New Element Consulting’s experience in infrastructure and security management and their positive and pragmatic approach is what attracted us to engaging with them. We brought them in to assess our Security and Compliance posture, and based on the initial findings to provide a schedule of works to assist us with creating a solid foundation for our internal security and external compliance obligations. I would highly recommend NEC”

Chirag Patel (Operations Director), Namesco

“Thanks again for an illuminating session on security yesterday. It was great to meet you – who thought discussing security could be so enjoyable?”

Andy Whyte (Director), Airpoint [Pre-engagement]

“Hi Geraint, just a quick note to say that I really enjoyed your presentation today - holistic security, info sec instead of cyber, etc... everything that I promote and great slides too.”

George Balmer MSc CISM

"Airpoint engaged New Element Consulting to help us deliver against the more demanding security requirements of law enforcement customers. Dismissing a tick box exercise, with the full agreement of our key customers, instead NEC developed a plan to change the security culture of our business providing the structure, analysis and tools to allow us to comply with our obligations. We are now Cyber Essentials certified and on our way to an ISO27001-aligned ISMS but more importantly have retained the confidence of our customers. If you take security seriously then I would recommend NEC’s approach to drive security best practice throughout your organisation."

Andy Whyte (Director), Airpoint

"NEC was commissioned by Global Secure Accreditation to support the design of a key element of our digital business platform. Geraint was able to interpret our business objectives and translate these into a comprehensive design to deliver the required scalable functionality and to identify key obstacles and issues early (helping the business navigate these successfully thus avoiding delays). His information security expertise was critical in our project in order that we could be confident of ensuring the relevant systems could meet key accreditation standards and client requirements. NEC's experience and insight proved invaluable in getting us to the point of an approved design."

Bob Quick, CEO BlueLight Global Solutions (BGS) Ltd. & Executive Director at Global Secure Accreditation Ltd

Our Process

At the core of our philosophy is that business improvement is a perpetual cycle of discovery, assessment and action rather than a linear process with a beginning and an end.








We work with clients to assess current context, and help form and shape ideas that fit business needs


We review ideas against wider needs, such as compliance and regulatory requirements, and ensure ideas are prioritised and steered to meet overall objectives


We work with clients to develop and nurture ideas into realistic goals and projects that will transform their business


We support clients in implementing transformative projects and programmes, providing additional resource where required


We support clients in delivering desired outcomes that will positively impact their business operations


We work with clients throughout the cycle to ensure successful integration of projects and programmes to ensure they bed in as the new standard practice

Once in place, the cycle repeats to ensure that our client’s business remains on the front foot and able to react quickly and positively as the landscape evolves.

Geraint Jones

Founder of New Element Consulting

Geraint formed New Element Consulting to offer a service that helps clients improve their business by providing sound advice and guidance without product- or technology-driven motive. Our goal is to provide customers with the knowledge and opportunity to do what’s right for them rather than pushing the top line of a particular vendor.

An advocate of a holistic approach to information security, Geraint recognises that while technology has its place, it should be used as a tool to aid in the delivery of robust operational processes and sound policies. These should be delivered in conjunction with positive action to increase organisational awareness and promote shared responsibility for managing risk.

Geraint is an accomplished, commercially-aware and visionary information technology and security professional, with extensive and varied experience and a wealth of infrastructure and security management, consulting, pre-sales and sales management expertise built within a variety of sectors.

This breadth of experience and knowledge helps both in terms of delivering desired outcomes, but also in selecting complementary partners to support our client's objectives. Our goal is to deliver a packaged solution tailored to your specific needs. This package is wrapped with the necessary understanding and insight to allow you to interpret and act upon combined outputs, with support and guidance, in the best interest of your business.


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